Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas gift pack

For friends and loved-ones who are mad for salt, the holiday gift 4-pack is a unique collection of our favorites: Lavender Rosemary, Nicoise Olive, Bloody Mary, and Cherry Pistachio. Best perk? Packs come ready-to-rock, tied pretty with splashy ribbons.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Urban Craft Uprising & holiday salt

Urban Craft Rising is just about, if not, one of the coolest, most imaginative craft fairs I've been to. Joe and I stumbled upon them last summer. It's a sea of hand-made art and creativity, from jewelry to clothing to glassware to cupcake art, and more.

We're thrilled(!) to have a salt stand with them this December. If you haven't mapped out your holiday shopping, consider this a start. It's a great way to support local, small-scale vendors while crossing gifts off the list under one umbrella location.

December 5th and 6th
11am-5pm, both days
Seattle Center Exhibition Hall
Like farmers markets past, we'll have 1 ounce salt samplers with artisan corks. To purchase salt samplers online, please visit our website

Chef Joe on Nosh Pit news

Seattle Met Magazine scores interviews with a plethora of unique people dialed into the local food scene. I adore reading their Taste of the Town series.

They're candid, distractingly entertaining blurbs that remind me of what's important: the way we live. What we choose to read, eat, drink, shop, and how we see our castle in the sky. Guilty pleasures, included.

Curious about Joseph's favorites? I wouldn't be his partner is I wasn't.