Saturday, January 24, 2009

Grass-fed Beef Rib-eye

Their Angus is nurtured in green-grass pastures, where they are fed hay and potatoes from their farm. Unlike the majority of commercialized beef in today's market, they do not give any animal by-products or outside food sources to their cattle. Nor do they rely on growth-promoting hormones and antibiotics to fatten their beef.
Grass-fed cattle is also leaner than feedlot grain-fed beef (known for its high fat content, marbling, and caloric level). Did you know that meat sourced from grass-fed cattle have higher Omega-3 fatty acids? We're convinced

5. Mount with butter as it heats up in the oven. This helps to seal in the moisture as it self-bastes.

6. Finish with Bloody Mary salt. The Fleur de Sel and sun-dried tomatoes in this salt will make any steak shine!

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