Tuesday, June 22, 2010

vanilla salt

Due to numerous requests, we're bringing back the vanilla salt for a limited edition run!  The small batch packaged to 32 jars and 45 salt samplers. 

We love vanilla salt on white fish, such as pan-seared scallops or halibut poached in butter.  It works magic on summertime cherries, peaches, and fresh fruit with cottage cheese.  Cookies flecked with crunchy flakes of delicate vanilla make chocolate chips sweeter than life, and just right. 

 We expect this small run to go quickly.  Our first stop will be the Queen Anne farmers market this Thursday the 24th, from 3-7pm.

If you can't make the farmers market, we'll be at the Redmond sidewalk sale and art festival this weekend:  Friday.Saturday.Sunday.  10am-7pm.  

Swing by to sample vanilla salt sprinkled atop mascarpone! 


  1. Guess us East Coaster's are out of luck on this one?

  2. Not a chance! We're working on uploading it to the website and Paypal.

  3. I checked your web site and didn't see any vanilla salt on there. I'm sure it's way too late and the limited edition is gone, but have you considered bringing it on as a permanent member of the SSS family? I've heard so many good things and would love to get my hands on some! ;-)

  4. Jackie! I'm embarassed to say we just saw your comment for the first time. Our blog needs serious love. Sorry for dropping the ball!

    - Janna

  5. We love seafood

    natural sea salt from the ocean off the Mendocino Coast