Sunday, September 14, 2008

Salty Night Cap, or 3.

Chocolate-chip cupcake, cream cheese-frosting, and Vanilla sea salt.

My best friend on Friday night. Sorry Roz. Your ass was a close second.

I am fanatical about cup-cakes. Not a freak for them per se, but militant and hostile if denied my muffin top. If you already read the post below (of my Sunday wrap), we've come full-circle by way of a rewind to Friday night. That night, I celebrated a good friend's birthday (and for the first time this week, have had more reason to gobble wine than I do on any other given night).

His wonderful girlfriend made her birthday boy moist chocolate-chip cupcakes in place of a candle-strewn cake. OMG. Yet the best part (for me) was that she used our Vanilla finishing salt on top of the homemade cream-cheese frosting. It gets better: she handed me 3 for the road, none of which made it past the Ballard bridge before home. Yes. I was driving. While pummeling 3. Zero regrets.

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