Monday, July 27, 2009

Beer battered Halibut & Chorizo salt

Cooklocal is modest. They say they don't set out to make adventurous recipes. I disagree. Beer battered fish & chips with Chorizo salt is just one of many.
They're adventurous in what they buy, cook, eat, and share with others.
Adventure is challenging oneself. For them, it's to always shop locally. It's supporting Seattle farmers markets. It requires planning, and at times, a significant amount of more money and energy.
Adventurous or not, they're explorers and trail-blazers in the local food scene. Take a peak for yourself. Their newest venture? How to approach restaurants about ethically sourced meat.


  1. that halibut looks pretty awesome

  2. You know what's sad? I looked at that picture and thought 'Man, Salty made an awesome looking fish and chips, I wish ours had turned out that nice looking.'

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