Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Art of the Pie

Kate McDermott & her apple pie

"Be happy, make Pie"

Kate & Jon on their anniversary

pretty pies, made in class

If you haven't caught the infectious bug that is Kate McDermott and her pies, you're missing out. She's the talented woman behind Art of the Pie classes. Classes are intimate, no larger than 3 people, and taught in her welcoming Seattle home. Kate provides all of the ingredients, and is also kind enough to send you home with a container of leaf lard and recipes for your next pie.

The day I took the class, Kate's husband and renowned Seattle flavor guru, Jon Rowley, joined us. It was a special day, as it was Jon's first time taking the class, too. But it was more: it was also their anniversary. Kate and Jon are happy people, fun to be around, and always smiling.

That day, we made 4 pies: huckleberry, blueberry, blackberry, and apple. My pie, the huckleberry one, was a medley of flaky, sweet crust and tart huckleberries. I took it home with me, happy as a clam to share slices with friends.

Looking back on the class, some of my favorite parts were foraging for local blackberries and sitting outside on their deck eating apple pie, chased by a glass of icy-cold goat milk. It was an experience unlike any I've had before, and one that I'll always think of each time I make pie.

Lucky for me, they'll both be at the Queen Anne farmers market this Thursday (Sept. 24), judging a Blue Ribbon pie contest. Pies will be had, prizes will be given, and Kate and Jon--- like always---- are a couple we all love to see.


  1. Hi Jana- It was a wonderful day for Jon and I. We loved sharing it with you and Georgia!

  2. What a fabulous day! Just love it!